About BreadBox

Welcome to Breadbox!

We are a bread delivery service offering four-week subscriptions of fresh, wholesome yeast breads and delicious coffee cakes delivered directly to your home each week. Our breads are made to order with the best ingredients and without preservatives or dough conditioners. Choose the breads that you would like to receive from our monthly selection. Then, on scheduled delivery days, you will receive your customized box of fresh baked breads and cakes.

Breads and cakes are individually packaged and delivered to your doorstep in a shipping-grade box. Deliveries are generally made immediately after baking, between 2 am and 6 am in the morning.

Choose from two 4-week subscription options:

  • Breadbox 1: Two yeast breads and one coffee cake each week for four weeks.
    $83.60 a month (includes tax)
  • Breadbox 2: Two yeast breads each week for four weeks
    $52.80 a month (includes tax)
  • Breadbox 3: One yeast bread and one coffee cake each week for four weeks
    $57.20 a month (includes tax)

Want a subscription with a different combination of products?  Let me know!  I will deliver for a minimum order of $12.00 (before tax) a week over a four-week period.

Would you like to see a particular kind of cake  or a cake I featured before on the menu?  Let me know!

Pre-pay for your subscription via check, cash, or credit card. To inquire about a subscription, email priscilla@breadbox-dc.com. Like  Breadbox DC on Facebook for regular updates, specials, and photos.

**Only serving limited areas. Please consult the BreadBox service boundaries map to ensure your home is within the service area.